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3 Tips from Julie: Staying Fit, Healthy and Free from Injury During the Holidays

As the cold sets in, we begin our hibernation period. The sun is becoming more of a rarity right alongside our drive to exercise and abstain from comfort food. Kansas City has many great features but outdoor winter activities are NOT one of them. How are we going to get through this season maintaining the physical gains we made this summer and start spring ready for pickleball, golf, and all the other fun outdoor activities? Starting with the basics … what is necessary to preserve heal...
Posted on 2023-12-04

Achieve Better Balance and Stability with Glute-Focused Exercises

Engaging in glute-focused workouts is great for individuals of all ages. Think of it as a hidden tool to enhance your balance and stability. Glute strength also plays a pivotal role in promoting low back and knee health and preventing falls. Check out these exercises designed to target and strengthen your glutes: Clamshells: Lie on your side with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet touching. Keep your feet together and lift your top knee as high as you can while keeping your...
Posted on 2023-11-02

Who's Your Orthopedic Quarterback?

I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear... “I know it’s been a year and I should have come in sooner, but I just thought it would go away.” Unfortunately, time is of the essence. Many things, when left unattended, evolve into conditions which will take injections, pain management, surgery and physical therapy to resolve or if you are amongst the unlucky, will never go away. Some 80 of therapists in the world.  Most physical therapist are not trained to be a...
Posted on 2023-10-02

Julie Buttell Now Sole Owner of Empower

Empower Physical Therapy proudly announces the acquisition of full ownership by Julie Buttell, effective immediately.  Buttell co-founded Empower in 2020 with Matt Timm. In the years since, the highly regarded physical therapy practice has grown to include six physical therapists covering a range of specialties. The team treats many of the area’s most complex cases. Buttell noted that the transition has been seamless and patients should feel no difference in their care.  &...
Posted on 2023-09-06

Julie Answer Your Questions about Stretching Businesses

Stretching: So, are memberships to these businesses a good idea? IT DEPENDS. The tightness we feel that might make tying our shoes or clasping our bra more difficult is most likely not coming from tight muscles. These difficulties, especially after the age of 40, are most likely due to joint restrictions. Osteoarthritis is a normal part of aging, and as we age, we start to lose mobility, making certain tasks more difficult. If you notice one side being more restricted or more painful than ...
Posted on 2023-05-31
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