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PT for Dancers

Physical Therapy for Dancers


As a dancer, you place high demands on your body on a daily basis, and it is important to properly care for your body. Our Performing Arts Specialists are highly-trained, licensed Physical Therapists with experience and training in dance & performing arts. Additionally our staff has an extensive background in differential diagnosis and orthopedic manual therapy. See one of our Performing Arts Specialists to optimize your recovery or elevate your performance.

By working with our Performing Arts Specialists, you will receive treatment from someone who:

  • Understands your goals
  • Uses dance-specific terminology
  • Customizes your rehab program to dance-specific movements
  • Helps you understand the prognosis and guide your return to performance

We will help...

  • Guide you through rehabilitation following an injury or surgery
  • Develop healthier movement habits
  • Enhance your performance and technique
  • Reduce your risk of injuries

In the adversity of spraining my ACL, I was referred to Sara Clayton at Empower. Sara used her expertise in both dance & physical therapy to help me fully recover from my injury. I went from being unable to straighten my knee to returning to professional dancing. I’m so grateful for the wonderful care and treatment I received at Empower.

- Elizabeth M.


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