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Your Personal Spring Spruce Up

With spring knocking on our doors, it's time to shake off those winter cobwebs and prepare for summer activities! Here are tips from our expert physical therapists to ensure a smooth transition, helping you avoid injuries and stay active all season long:

  •       Assess Your Goals: Reflect on your fitness objectives and tailor your workouts accordingly to set achievable milestones.  
  •       Mix Up Your Routine: Try new exercises, classes, or outdoor activities to keep your workouts engaging and challenging. 
  •       Prioritize Recovery: Include rest days and self-care, like foam rolling and stretching to prevent injuries.
  •       Focus on Functional Training: Incorporate functional exercises to improve strength, balance, and coordination. 
  •       Stay Consistent: Commit to your routine and seek support from our physical therapists for accountability and guidance. 


Everyone needs a COACH. Keeping yourself fit and healthy allows you to participate in everything from independent living to playing competitive pickleball. Don’t get sidelined this Spring!


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