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Happy New Year!

I hope this letter finds you all well and ready to take on another 365 days! I have always loved the anxious excitement that comes with a fresh start and new beginnings. What is your New Year's resolution? This can be a very overwhelming question to ask yourself.

After I heard the percentage of failure in meeting New Year's goals, (80% YIKES!), I made a commitment to have a personal vision that extended beyond a one-year period. My best friend and grandmother lived well for 99 years. One of my greatest goals is not only to live long but to live well. This is a marathon not a sprint.

Statistics show 25-50% of those participating in an exercise program or sport after 40 will have activity altering injury. I would like to see our Empower community continue progressing towards the goal of feeling good MOST of the time.

Empower therapists are your partners on this journey. If you need help putting this plan together or your body isn’t cooperating in letting you be as active as your would like, please remember you can reach out to your therapist via email or set an appointment to come in and chat. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Community in and of itself is a huge part of living well physically and mentally. Thank you for trusting us along your journey.

I wish you health and joy in this new year,