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Don’t Let March Madness Get the Best of You!

Schedule a $89 Physical Exam Today

March is upon us! This is a time when the tortured self-talk about getting back into summer shape begins, but it’s hard to get off the couch. Here in Kansas City, we can’t help it! Our sports teams give us  so many excuses to eat nachos in sweatpants.  

While our favorite professional athletes get a chance to rest and recover, it’s time for the rest of us to aspire to better fitness. Here are some springtime tips:

  • Set a goal:  Most of us show up at the gym without a specific goal in mind. Moving more is always a great goal, but exercise is a SCIENCE. If you want results, the more specific the better. How many steps? How many days a week will you workout? What do you hope to accomplish? 
  • Know thy self: Don’t be the person in our clinic who sets out with lofty goals only to end up rehabbing for the next five months. This is a perfect time for a YEARLY PHYSICAL EXAM (yes, there is a reason all athletes from grade school to pro-athletes are required to have one). Take advantage of our $89 dollar exam where you will learn about YOUR bodies balance, grip strength, agility, mobility and cardiopulmonary endurance.  Believe me, this risk assessment is worth the time.  
  • Don’t expect perfection. A lot of people quit when they don’t achieve the ideal regimen. That’s where the battle is really lost. Slow and steady wins the race. No one … not even professional athletes … are perfect 100% of the time.  
  • Train like a professional: After your assessment, schedule a time to work with one of our therapists. You’ll benefit from post-doctoral expertise in athletic training and programming. Stop relying on a personal trainer at your local gym when you can train like you are being paid to move your body for the same cost. Believe me, it will save you money just in injury prevention.

Appointments for yearly physical exams are limited.  Please call 913-224-2990 ASAP to reserve your spot.