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Who's Your Orthopedic Quarterback?

I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear... “I know it’s been a year and I should have come in sooner, but I just thought it would go away.”

Unfortunately, time is of the essence.

Many things, when left unattended, evolve into conditions which will take injections, pain management, surgery and physical therapy to resolve or if you are amongst the unlucky, will never go away. Some 80% of life’s little aches and pains can easily be resolved if attended to within 30 days of them popping up.

Each day you ignore something that’s just not right, is a day inflammation is becoming chronic, harming your bodily tissues, therefore becoming much more difficult to eliminate and treat.

So here’s the problem: It’s hard to know who to call when things pop up. Who is your orthopedic quarterback?

If you have a primary care, it might take a few weeks to get in and once you do your primary care doctor will most likely refer you to someone else to diagnose your orthopedic issues. If you get referred, it is usually to a surgeon, who takes months to get into. This is great if you need surgery. But how do you know this is the BEST surgeon or if there are more conservative measures they AREN’T offering you?  

Physical therapists are trained to be YOUR Quarterback. 

We have the expertise to examine and create a treatment plan for your orthopedic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems. If you need a surgeon or care we cannot provide, we know and have relationships with the best in town. 

Here at Empower, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of expertise in the Midwest. Our therapists must complete a yearlong post-doctoral orthopedic study as well as test for orthopedic specialty exams that put us in the top 2% of therapists in the world. 

Most physical therapist are not trained to be a primary care practitioners for orthopedic issues, but here at Empower we are proud to provide that service. We will be your Patrick Mahomes!

My advice to you: reach out to us as soon as you begin experiencing orthopedic pain. You can trust that we will help get you on the road to healing … or ensure you to get the right provider to meet your unique challenges. 

By Julie Buttell