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How to Stay Active Through Injuries and Surgeries

It’s no secret that staying active is important to longevity and overall quality of life. But sometimes, life circumstances get in the way.

Truth is, most people over 40 face injuries or surgeries that sideline them at some point. The real secret is in working past those challenges and not staying on the bench forever.

I always recommend immediately beginning a program that includes both physical therapy AND physical exercise.

A good program involves functional training — in other words, training that focuses on optimum mobility for everyday life. A long, healthy life involves multiple systems: balance, agility, strength and VO2 max.

Consider chatting with us if you’re benched for any reason (or about to be benched).

At Empower, you’ll benefit from:

  • All-inclusive sessions that are less expensive than most personal trainers
  • A customized program based on your unique situation and your recovery level.
  • Dry needling, shock wave therapy, myofascial release and taping — all included.

Make an appointment today and see the difference.