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Golf Performance

Golf Performance and Physical Therapy

Elevate your performance on the golf course. Get back to what you love without pain or limitations. 

For golfers with pain or injuries, mobility limitations, and anyone who wants to improve their golf fame.


  • Golf-specific physical assessment
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) performance screening
  • Golf swing assessment
  • Evaluation of mobility, stability, and strength


  • Improve stability, mobility, and overall performance, utilizing manual therapy techniques and a personalized, professional exercise program
  • Golf-focused exercises with personalized modifications based on limitations identified in the assessment


  • Return to your course and local golf pro without limitations to elevate your golf game


"I underwent a total knee replacement in March of 2021 and began PT with Sydney pre-surgery and then post-surgery. She has helped me reach goals of stability and function of my new knee. Her experience as a golfer has been fantastic in rehabilitating my knee for my own golf game. I was able to return to the golf course a good deal ahead of schedule largely due to Sydney’s expertise."

- Martha Jane McGrade


Sydney Hawley

Through this PT-Driven Golf Performance program, Sydney brings her passion for the game to empower clients to play the sport they love: GOLF

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • TPI Level One Certified
  • Former Collegiate golfer at Lindenwood University
  • Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men's and Women's Golf at Rockhurst University
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